20 Nov

Cristina & Mihai – After Wedding

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This was a truly amazing & spectacular photo shoot. And I’ll tell you the story behind it. Cristina & Mihai live in Vienna, Austria. They had their wedding in Cluj, and after the wedding we scheduled this photo shoot on a certain day, the only day when we were all available to take the photos. Guess what? That day turned out to be a rainy day 😂 But we went to take the photos anyway. When we arrived at our location, it was still raining. So we waited…and waited…and all of a sudden, the sun came out of the clouds, and there was this beautiful mist rising, which made the photos so spectacular! We were all so amazed and grateful for the sudden change of weather!! What seemed like a potential photographic disaster turned out to be quite amazing! So the point of the story is – life is a big surprise! Or to quote my favourite movie, Forrest Gump (I must have seen at least ten times): “Life is like a box of candies. You never know what you’re gonna get…”

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